Instagram Reels for Florists – 3 Things to Know

Feeling left out of the loop when it comes to Instagram Reels for florists? You're not the only one. Does the thought of adding yet another thing to your ever-growing to-do list feel impossible?

I've gotcha covered.

I'm here to give you the low-down on Instagram Reels for florists and share the three most important things you gotta know.

Instagram Reels for Florists

Instagram launched Reels in Brazil in late 2019. They then rolled it out internationally in 2020.

Now, as we are on the doorstep of 2021, it's become a fairly standard part of most businesses marketing repertoire on Instagram.

As is the case with most new features on Instagram, the algorithm is going to prioritise users who are using their newest features. You're bound to have heard the stories of new business launches in 2020/2021 and growing to 10,000, 100,000 +++ in just a matter of months simply because they jumped on the Instagram Reels bandwagon early.

And now you're wondering WTF you gotta do with Instagram Reels for Florists. If you're anything like me, you're barely comfortable showing your face on camera and now Instagram wants you to dance and point and lip-sync some silly lyrics?

Is this whole scenario just bringing up more anxiety and making you question all your life choices even more? You're not alone.

That's precisely why I wanted to put together this blog post, to help you short-cut your success and learn the right strategy to follow for Instagram Reels for florists.

Rule #1: Think Like Your Customer

Let's switch gears for a minute. Close your eyes and imagine you are your customer (...actually don't close your eyes, that'd make reading the rest of this read hard).

If you sell daily flower deliveries, where do you think your customer turns to when they're looking to order flowers?

One of two places:

  1. Google
  2. Instagram Search

Do you know what your customer doesn't do...they don't start following a random florist on Instagram in the hopes that one day they'll need to order flowers from them, remember they follow them, go in and explore their feed, check out their Instagram shopping and then send flowers.


Most of your followers are following you because they like pictures of pretty flowers. Better yet, they like free pictures of pretty flowers.

You'll find thousands of business coaches, teachers and mentors spouting out the importance of increasing engagement and giving you tips to crack the algorithm. Because in most industries it's your followers that are going to translate into your paying clients.

But it's not the case in floristry. Our followers are fans of flowers, fans of free flower photos. If that follower doesn't know anyone in your delivery area, they are never going to buy from you.

If that follower is never going to host a wedding or event in your area, they are worth $0.

Stop Following the Crowd

Where florists get themselves into trouble is assuming marketing flowers is the same as marketing shoes, notebooks or even a cafe.

It's not.

Marketing your flower business requires you to question every assumption and step outside the square.

This includes how you approach Instagram Reels (and even TikTok for that matter).

Instead of wondering how to approach Instagram Reels for florists, stop for a second and ask yourself a different question:

If Instagram Reels are a shortcut to help you increase engagement, grow your following and crack the Instagram algorithm...but never leads to a paying customer, increased revenue or a new it a good use of your time?

Only you can answer that for yourself.

You can decide you love Instagram Reels for the creative expression, the challenge and discomfort of stepping out of your comfort zone or because you want to experiment with your messaging in a new medium.

If, on the other hand, you feel obligated to jump into Instagram Reels for Florists because you think it's going to help you grow your business, get customers and increase your revenue, I'll challenge that thinking.

At the end of the day, there are three things you gotta know about Instagram Reels:

  1. Yes, it will help you grow your following.
  2. If you feel awkward when you're doing it, you're doing it right
  3. Your Followers ≠ Your Customers

If you need help figuring out how to promote your flower business on Instagram, also be sure to check out this super helpful blog post: How to Promote Your Flower Business on Instagram

When it comes to getting more enquiries and growing your business, your #1 is to put yourself in your customer's shoes.

Map out their exact path to purchase. How will they find out about you? Where are they looking for a florist? What matters to them the most?

Get super specific, write it down and make it your only goal to be where your customers are actively searching for a florist.

And yes, if it feels like you're not following the crowd, not doing what everyone else is're probably doing it right.

The Easy Way to Get Found on Instagram (Podcast Episode)

Getting found by your dream customers isn't as hard as it seems. It just required a slightly different perspective, a better strategy (and going against the grain when it comes to worrying about exposure, stressing about the algorithm or increasing engagement).

This approach to Instagram is one of my most favourite lessons to share with florists because it helps cut through the confusion, overwhelm...and gives you permission to play with the big boys while being the new girl in town.

What you'll learn from this episode

✓ My super simple approach to getting found by your dream customers
✓ How to cut through the confusion and shortcut your success
✓ A better option than worrying about getting on a preferred vendor list
✓ My step by step guide to sorting through your flower business hashtag strategy

Listen to the Full Episode Here

Enjoy the show?

What are some good time management skills?

In our industry, time is money. Quite literally. We can see it in the industry-standard approach to pricing (wholesale x 3 + time). So it is a must for every florist to know and practise some time management skills.

And when we have staff, we see how quickly time converts into cash. This is particularly true in Australia where labour isn’t cheap. (Check out the relevant hourly wages here

It’s so easy for us, as business owners, to feel like we’re always reacting to what’s happening around us.

The phone rings. A customer walks in. We get a DM on Instagram. Online orders ping in our inbox. React.

When we’re stuck in this mode, we often feel like we don’t have enough time and aren’t making progress in our business. 

At the end of 2018, I remember looking back at my calendar and seeing how much time I wasted on wedding consultations. I spent hours and hours and hours with couples, talking about their dreams for the day and so many of those meetings went nowhere.

It was the definition of a waste of time.  Literally. $0 for hours invested.

That one year taught me so much about showing up differently in my business. 

I started being very protective of my time. Hyper aware of where and how I was spending my energy. I knew something had to change. 

Working On Your Business, Not Just In Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes I see flower business owners make is they make no time to work on their business.

They’re constantly reacting to what’s most urgent in front of them and are stuck in that cycle of reactivity – gotta do the next wedding quote, gotta get back to that customer about that special order, gotta sort out the next market order, gotta remember to find someone to cover that shift next Saturday.

It’s exhausting.

I know first-hand what it’s like to be stuck in that mode. To feel like you’re barely treading water and not moving forward.

To feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day and you’re never going to shift this business into the powerhouse flower empire you’re dreaming of.

Friend, I’m here to tell you it is entirely possible. But it does require you to think differently. To prioritize your time differently.

You've Got To Speed It Up. 

It sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it? The idea of slowing down when we all want to move at such a rapid pace.

But it works. The minute we step aside, give ourselves space away from the reactionary day-to-day of our flower business, the minute we take a deep breath.

Five minutes of reflection can literally change the trajectory of your business. I know it can.

Because it’s exactly what I did when things weren’t working for me.

I knew I had to change my approach. I was going to end up face down on a hospital bed really quickly if I kept doing what I was doing.

What did I do? I went for a walk and asked myself one of the most powerful questions we can ever consider: What would it look like if it was easy?

What would wedding consultations look like if it was easy? What would my market order look like if it was easy?

Hands down, this question provides me with so much clarity and really allows me to put my creativity to work.

It changed the game for me in 2019 and made me realise I could approach my business so differently. I approach time management so differently because of this one question.  

What Are Some Good Time Management Skills?

This week on the Thrive Podcast #ForFlorists I’m digging into four of my favourite time management skills for florists.

What are some good time management skills? It might surprise you to hear I don’t use a fancy calendar system, I don’t have a “to do” list and I don’t colour code my diary….well, I sort of do but it’s only because bright colours make me happy. 

When it comes to managing my time, I follow four super simple principles:

  1. You don’t manage time. You manage yourself in the time you have.
  2. Templates, systems and processes = time leverage
  3. Revenue first (i.e. paying clients, potential clients and then future focus)
  4. Time expands into the space provided (i.e. if you allocate one hour to do one email, it will take you an hour. If you allocate 3 minutes, it will take 3 minutes)

Check out this week’s podcast episode to hear more and get the inside scoop on good time management skills. 

Want Help With Your Flower Business?

Do you struggle with managing your time?

Are you dreaming of making more money in your flower business but feel like you’re stuck in reactionary mode all the time?

I can help 

I teach floral designers how to take charge of their business inside my Flower Boss Bootcamp. We dig into all things marketing and money and learn the ins and outs of running an empowering flower business.

The moral of the story: Flowers are fun. But so is making money.

My Flower Boss Bootcamp is the only program available to floral designers focused entirely on the business of flowers.

Yes, we talk about leveraging our time, I pass along all my favourite templates and tools and dig into the ins and outs of hiring a team.

Your time is your most valuable asset. Learn to focus your energy and efforts in the right areas to make more money. We talk about feeling confident with your pricing, learning to manage your costs, and growing your business.

This program will change the trajectory of your flower business. I promise.

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