15 Instagram Tips for Florists and Flower Farmers

Feeling totally confused by Instagram and all things social media? Not sure what to post or where to go for guidance and help?

You're in the right place. Here are 15 Instagram tips for florists and flower farmers.

Instagram Works

Yes, you read that right. Instagram is an amazing platform to help you reach new customers and grow your client list. But it's so easy to get off track and spend time on things that just don't matter when it comes to all things Instagram.

At the end of the day, the most important lesson to learn is that we floral designers get to approach Instagram very differently from other industries. In fact, we get to break all the rules. Literally.

When it comes to Instagram tips for florists and flower farmers, we don't need to worry about the algorithm or chasing engagement.

Why? Because your followers ≠ your customers.

I know it flies in the face of everything everyone else is spouting out about Instagram but when it comes to selling flowers, finding customers for your flower business, having more followers isn't a recipe for success.

At the end of the day, the reason marketing in our industry gets to be so different is because our service is limited to a specific footprint and our customers are buying flowers to fill a specific need.

This means we have to follow a smarter marketing plan. We need to drop all of our assumptions and 'supposed to' storylines and get in the minds of our customers. It's time to start thinking like your customer and approach Instagram marketing from a more strategic, informed point of view.

My 15 Instagram Tips for Florists

  1. Map Out Your Hashtags – this is THE secret to getting found and getting on your customer's radar when they need you. Avoid general and generic hashtags like #whitewedding or #floristsofinstagram and focus on the hashtags your clients are actually using in their search.
  2. Curate your feed – yes, having a pretty, fancy feed attracts prettier, fancier clients. Your customers use your feed as a placeholder for your ability to design. So, level up your feed, elevate your vibe and you'll see a higher quality level of customers coming your way.
  3. Use Stock Photos – Yep. Jump on Google and do a quick search for "Free flower photos" just to see what comes up. Or use Canva.com, my most favourite resource for this (yes, paying for the premium version is worth every penny!).
  4. Use a Mix of Graphics + Photos – a feed filled with a wall of flowers is overwhelming for your customers. It all just starts to look the same. Break it up and create a new rhythm that works for you. Those design principles you use in your floristry, put them to work in your Instagram feed too!
  5. Level Up Your Captions – the easiest answer to 'what should I write about?' is to simply answer the very last question a customer asked you. Yep. It can be that straightforward.
  6. Repeat Stuff. A Lot – Yes you can repeat photos and captions. Ain't no rule against that, is there?
  7. Make Your Bio Clear – confusion always leads to no sale. Very specifically, make sure your location and delivery area are clear in your bio. If your customers aren't clear on your location or where you operate, they're immediately going to move on to the next supplier.
  8. Post Consistently – and define 'consistently' in a way that works for you and your business. At a minimum, post at least once a week. (And no, you don't need to post more than once per day. Remember, we don't need to try to beat the algorithm. We're playing a smarter game.)
  9. Use Instagram Stories to Show You're 'Open for Business' – the beauty with Instagram is you can bring your customers into your studio or shop without them even having to set foot inside. It's magical. Use Stories to do this.
  10. Set Up Your Highlights – Highlights are where you can save your Stories. A lot of new clients and potential customers will flip through your Highlights to get a taste of what your business is up to. It's like a 'best of' summary that you can customise based on your customer's needs.
  11. Skip Reels – I know. I know. Tik Tok and Reels are all the rage these days. But you gots a lot on your plate. Give yourself permission to not have to do all the things. Remember, we don't care about engagement and you're not worried about exposure, yeah? (re-read Tip #1)
  12. Plan Ahead – I use Planoly to map out my feed and make it look pretty. There is a desktop and phone version so you can sit down for one hour and plan out a whole week's worth of content with much less fuss. It makes the whole "curate your feed" job way funner.
  13. Talk About Budgets + Process – I know it's boring and not as charming as a cute set of emojis or your favourite poem. But putting in the effort to proactively educate your customers and answer their 2 biggest, most burning questions builds trust. Trust grows sales. In the end, you breaking the secrecy and being the florist who talks about money will make you more money. Yeah!
  14. Link in Bio – Set up a new, stand-alone page on your website that includes 5-6 buttons and nothing much else. Those buttons will point to the next logical step in your client's purchase process. This makes it easy in your captions because you can simply say 'Visit the link in our bio @..... to [insert next step]". (Hot tip, repeat your IG handle in your post to make it super duper easy for your customers to go to your bio.)
  15. Set up Instagram Shopping – the easier you make it for your customers to order flowers, book in a workshop or plan out their a la carte wedding blooms, the more money you'll make. It's so fun!

Want more tips to help you conquer the Instagram game?

As a floral designer, it's easy to fall into the crowd and worry about getting followers or chasing engagement. It's a hard habit to break, trust me!

But the truth is, when it comes to getting found by your dream customers on Instagram, learning to play a smarter game is the key to success. For my business, we landed so many high-value customers by getting really smart with our hashtag and content strategy.

I love sharing the insights we learned in our flower business, particularly when it comes to Instagram, because it's so opposite to what I used to assume. No more chasing followers or worrying about engagement. It's time to get your hashtag strategy sorted!

And in a recent podcast, I'm walking you through the exact strategy I use, breaking it down for you, step by step.

Enjoy the Podcast?

Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Flower Business

Now, y’all already know social media is a powerful tool for marketing our flower businesses. But, it’s so easy to get sucked into all the wrong things when it comes to creating a social media plan for florists.

When I was first getting our business off the ground, I thought chasing after followers on Instagram and having lots of likes on Facebook was how to get more customers. I assumed there was a direct correlation between likes and income.

Turns out, I was wrong.

In an industry obsessed with beautiful photos and effortless designs, it’s easy to see why so many florists think this is true. We all look to the famous florists for guidance and inspiration, including indications on how to make money. We assume more followers equals more income.

Turns out, that’s not the reality of the situation.

In the early days of my floral career, I used to believe Instagram was all about getting famous and having our work featured on one of them famous blogs. 

I’m so glad it only took me three years to see I was wrong (and as of this blog post, I’m still sittin’ here waitin’ for that opportunity to come my way #unfamousflorist).

It turns out, we floral designers get to play a totally different social media game – a game that doesn’t rely on chasing after more followers, more likes or more famous-ness. That makes it way more fun, in my opinion.

What Matters: Social Media Plan for Florists

One of the greatest advantages we have in our industry is that our customers have no idea how the heck this whole “floral design” thing works.

They have no idea where flowers come from or that peonies aren’t available 52 weeks of the year. Heck, they don’t know how much to budget for wedding flowers and they don’t even realise there are 8234 other options beyond roses and lilies.

As frustrating as all that is, it actually is our single greatest marketing opportunity – particularly when it comes to effective social media for flower businesses.

I know how overwhelming the whole world of social media feels. So, here’s four things to keep in mind when it comes to creating a social media plan for your flower business :

Know Your Audience

Your audience is not your peers. It’s not that flower friend down the road and it’s definitely not that famous florist on the other side of the world. 

It’s also not the editor of that famous blog. 

Nope, the whole reason you have a social media presence in the first place is to attract more customers to your business. As in paying clients. People looking for a floral designer.

So, the most important thing to remember is that the next time you’re posting to Instagram, post with those paying clients in mind. Talk about the things you know your customers need help with and be open with your expertise. Lead with phenomenal customer service and be helpful.

... This leads me to point #2:

Be Open with Your Expertise

This probably sounds too simple, I get it. But because our industry is so secretive, being helpful and open with your knowledge is the easiest way to get customers to buy from you.

At the end of the day, your customers have come to you because they have a problem. They see you as the expert. So be the expert. Be the guide. That one floral designer who talks about the things that no one else talks about.

Be open with your pricing. Talk about seasonal availability. Tell your customers there are 8234 other options beyond roses and lilies. Demonstrate your expertise and share your knowledge.

This approach makes it so easy to come up with a content strategy for your flower business. Because it can be as simple as just answering your customers' questions.

All you need to do is write down the last 20 questions you got from your customers (yes, even the super simple, seemingly obvious questions).

Then, answer one per post. When you finish answering those 20 questions, go back to the beginning and start over at Question #1 again.

Yep. So easy!

I promise you, it works. I know it seems too simple but this approach is exactly how we did it. It made one of the biggest differences in going from “nobody-florist” to “making-a-lot-of-money florist”

Our clients fell in love with us because we were helpful. Because we answered their questions ahead of time and because we talked about the things that were relevant to themHere’s a great example of a post from a few years back to give you an idea.

Consistency over Quantity

We flower bosses have an ever-expanding to-do list. (It never gets any shorter, does it?). To that end, don’t make your content strategy harder than it needs to be. 

In the beginning, make it your goal to post once per week (any less and your customers might think your business is closed). 

Once you’ve settled into that rhythm, build on that momentum. Your business is better off posting twice per week 52 weeks of the year rather than 52 times in a row and then missing out on the other 313 days.

As an aside, if you want to make planning even easier, I love using Planoly. Click here to check it out (affiliate link)

Repetition is Your Bestie

When I was workin’ in my fancy pants corporate gig, any time we were creating a marketing plan, we knew we had to have a certain level of repetition in our media schedule. 

Why? Well, the average human needs to see something 8-16 times for it to register and take action.  That means you could talk about the same thing every day for 8-16 days and only then will it just start to register with your clients...

So many of my clients inside my Flower Boss Bootcamp laugh when they tell me, “Hey Kathleen, I just talked about my new wedding process for 14 days straight and it’s generated so much more interest than ever before.”

Yep. You bet. Repetition is indeed your bestie.

I know it feels boring and mundane and it’s not how the famous florists do it, but it works. 

It also means the framework you follow for a social media plan for flower businesses can be super simple. Make a plan for 30 days and just repeat that plan for 12 months. Kapow, a year’s worth of floristry social media content sorted.

Embrace the power of repetition and be relentless in your approach and you will see a difference.

Facebook + Instagram + Floristry

The very last thing to keep in mind when it comes to creating a social media plan for flower businesses is, depending on your audience, you might be catering to different clients on different social media platforms.

A one-size-fits-all approach might not be right for your business when planning social media for flower businesses.

I see it time and time again for my Bootcamp clients as well and it’s certainly the experience we had with our floristry business. 

In fact, in most cases, Instagram is a great platform to easily attract new, higher-value clients to your flower business. Whereas Facebook provides a wonderful opportunity to engage with local businesses and local residents, creating a sense of community and connection.

For our wedding business, we actually made the decision to just stop posting to Facebook altogether. 

We found Facebook attracted lots of low-value customers and budget clients. So, in order to make the most of our marketing time and energy, we just stopped worrying about it at all. (Quite literally, our last post to Facebook says “If you’re looking for us, jump on over to Instagram.”)

Moral of the story? Don’t assume Facebook and Instagram are the same things. Yes, it’s super easy to push your Instagram posts over to Facebook and think you’re making more impact. But, it might not be serving your floristry business.

Every social media platform available has different opportunities, different strengths and different challenges. Don’t assume you need to do it all.

And if you do decide to use both Facebook and Instagram to market your flower business, it’s quite likely you’ll need to cater to two different audiences. So, start experimenting to see what works for your flower business and dig into the nuisances of each. Track your data and keep adjusting.

Totally Overwhelmed by Social Media for Florists?

You’re not alone.

It can be super confusing and super frustrating to sort out a social media plan for your flower business.

I’m here to make it easy, to show you exactly what you need to focus on (and what to ignore) and how to make more money in your flower business. That includes my exact approach to effortlessly conquer Instagram.

And it’s all inside my Flower Boss Bootcamp.

My Flower Boss Bootcamp is the only program available to floral designers, flower lovers and flower farmers focused entirely on the business of flowers. The program is run entirely online, so we can work together no matter where in the world you’re located.

I’m here to help you build a better flower business, to show you how to get more customers, make more money and show up with more confidence.

Inside my Flower Boss Bootcamp, you get access to my Instagram Masterclass. I show you my exact approach to sorting out Instagram, including the right hashtag strategy to use, how to level up your feed and what to write in your captions. I want to show you just how fun Instagram can be.

Friend, if you’re dreaming of making more money in your flower business but feel totally overwhelmed with the marketing side of things, I’m here to help. 

Click here to learn more about my Flower Boss Bootcamp. 

This program will change the trajectory of your flower business. I promise (yes, there is a money-back guarantee).

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