Let’s talk wedding flower quote templates, shall we?

In the early days of my flower business, I used to spend hours pulling together these uber detailed quotes and mood boards. This was back in the day before Canva.com existed or before I learned those fancy florists invested in fancy software solutions to solve these problems.

The very first booking I ever landed, for Paul + Prue, I think I spent eight hours on their quote and mood board. That didn’t include the phone calls, face to face meetings or any of my site visits to measure up the reception designs. And this was just to get the booking, not even thinking through ingredients, recipes or logistics.

Fast forward 24 months and I was doing about 100 weddings a year. There was no way I could sustain that level of customisation or personalisation. 8 hours per client was not sustainable for me.

I learned the hard way that there is a “right” and a “wrong” way to go about quotes and consultations.

Inside my Flower Boss Bootcamp, I teach florists a very streamlined approach to navigating new enquiries. I’ve wrapped up all my best lessons in a pretty bow,  giving you permission to use all my email templates, take my exact approach and make it yours.  


My approach to navigating new wedding enquiries flies in the face of how most florists approach it. I created a super-streamlined approach because I was tired of wasting time on formal consultations, detailed quotes and mood boards that didn’t go anywhere.

In 2018, I tried a lot of different ideas and finally landed on an approach my clients love and one that works for me. Your business’ wedding enquiry process is one of your most important systems. Creating a process that allows you to filter clients ahead of time, providing the right info to your prospective clients as well as making it feel effortless to you is absolute magic.

No longer do you need to waste your time or your clients time doing custom quotes or detailed mood boards. There is a better way! 

It's time to flip the entire process on its head peoples!


Here is a quick snapshot of how I go about wedding flower quote templates:

  1. New Client Enquiry
  2. Welcome Email Response (Template email, provides my clients with super helpful planning tools and a budget guide). In this email, they are invited to move to the next step in the enquiry process (Step 3)
  3. Online Design Q&A (gives me guidance on their wish list, personal preferences and priorities)
  4. Budget Recommendation Email (outlines total budget required to achieve their wish list as well as a recommendation on what to include and what to let go of, if they want to stick to their budget)
  5. Finalise the Scope of Work (inevitably there is some back and forth on deliverables)
  6. Formalise Booking (only after they say “How do I book you in?” do I move to this phase of the process and create the detailed quote)


My approach to navigating new enquiries works for me and it works for my clients and it turns the traditional process on its head. I got tired of doing detailed wedding flower quote templates and being ghosted by clients.

When I teach floral designers how to effortlessly navigate new enquiries, I share two fundamental principles:

  1. Talk about budgets and pricing in your up-front marketing and make it the first thing you sort through (even before you have a consultation if you choose to do that)
  2. Instead of worrying about being fancy, focus on being quick to respond and uber helpful. 

You will see an increase in your bookings if you do the opposite of what you see in our industry. Be the florist that talks about budgets and pricing ahead of time (like actually on your Instagram posts, write some helpful blog posts etc.). It works so good!


  1. Use a Template – whether you use a CRM system like Dubsado or stick with your accounting software (we use Xero), setting up your items as template products makes the formal admin around creating the final quote super easy.  
  2. Itemise Delivery, Set-up and Pack Down – in most cases your clients will have sticker shock over the labour involved on the day. I found breaking down those three items into three separate line items super helpful. 
  3. Use the Event Description to Sell the Experience – that bit of copy you put at the top of the quote that paints the picture of the day and gives your clients the reassurance that you know what you’re selling is a great sales opportunity.

Here is an example of a wedding flower quote template (click here for the PDF). 


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