Mindset + pricing 💰

Have you ever stopped to wonder why selling online is WAY easier than in person?

It's because the computer doesn't struggle with its mindset. The computer doesn't talk itself out of quoting the correct price for something.

It simply presents the price that was set by its master and lets the customer decide whether it's of value or not.

No mind drama, no self-doubt.

In today's episode we dig deeper into what your mind drama may be telling you:

1. What's holding you back from charging 'full price'? Do you believe your clients won't pay that much? Or you're not worth that much?

2. Do you believe in the value of the service you provide the world?

3. Do you know...for a fact...beyond the shadow of a doubt...that your clients cannot pay the prices you're charging? Should you look for better clients?

Some better thoughts to think about managing your mindset on pricing:

  • Full price is the right price. Always.
  • People LOVE spending money.
  • Your clients WANT to spend money.
  • Get out of your own way.
  • And remember, you are a service provider or a LUXURY service. It is 100% worth it. You are 100% worth it. Always and in all ways.

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