How to Instagram with confidence 😍

A confession: I used to hate Instagram.


The doubt, the comparison, the utter demoralisation was for-REAL.

I also held this assumption that more followers = more business.

But today I view and use Instagram totally differently. In this podcast I walk you through my top 5 "ah-ha" moments that will change how you approach Instagram forever:

  1. It’s not about your follower count. Can I let you in on a little secret? Making money as a floral designer has nothing to do with your follower count. I’m not kidding.
  2. So if it’s not about followers, what is it about? Hashtags. Creating a clear hashtag strategy IS the secret to gettin' found by customers.
  3. What do I post? Shift your focus and put all your energy into helping your customers. Your next post is about your next customer, not about those people who follow you today. They're not gunna buy.
  4. Expand your feed beyond flowers. Yep. I hereby grant you permission to be a floral designer who doesn’t post photos of flowers every day. It works.
  5. Dream bigger. If you keep posting the same kind of work, you’ll be asked to continue doing that exact same kind of work.

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