How Long Is A Floristry Course?

One of the things that separate successful floral designers from the “I’m not there yet” crowd is that the successful designers know they need to keep investing in their own learning. As a florist your next question would be, if I have to invest in a course for my learning, how long will that floristry course be?

They know they need to keep learning and evolving and that a workshop here or an online course there isn’t enough. 

So, when it comes to answering the question, “How long is a floristry course?” the simplest answer I could give is probably “forever”.

I know, that might not be the answer you were looking for but 8 years into this, I believe it to be more true now than ever before. And this response is coming from someone who has invested a lot in my own design skills and flower know-how. And also on my business learning.

I’m a fully qualified floral designer. That took me 12 months to complete. I’ve also signed up for workshops with Little Flower School, Holly Chapple, Jardine Hansen, Mr. Cook, and Ponderosa & Thyme. And now, with the rise of so many online workshops and courses, continuous learning grows to new heights.

Forever Learning

Our industry isn’t regulated. There is no actual need to sign up for formal training or certification. That frustrates a lot of florists and makes it really easy for the Backyard Betty’s to jump into and attempt to play with the well-established designers. 

But it also creates great energy. It requires business owners to keep innovating and moving forward. And focusing on what matters most to their customers to stay relevant.

This is where the power of continual investment comes into play.

I love signing up for new programs and training that help me learn from people who have been in my shoes. From fellow business owners who can show me how to get from A to B in less time, with fewer mishaps. I don’t have to figure out all this stuff on my own.

If I could pass along one piece of advice today, this is it: you will make progress faster in your flower business if you’re continually investing in your own growth. 

Permission Granted

I wasted years in my flower business waiting for permission. Permission to create the shop I’d always wanted, to create the work I wanted to create, and to move the business in the direction I wanted to go.

Turns out waiting for permission is a total waste of time.

Check out this week’s podcast if you want to hear more about this. (Listen on Spotify, linked below)

In my Business Coaching program (Flower Boss Bootcamp), the very first exercise we do is to dig deep and dive into what your version of success looks like.

It’s so powerful because we never stop to ask ourselves what we want. And, as humans, we’re conditioned to believe that we need permission to take action.

Invest In Your Growth. Always

One of the reasons our business continues to grow and be successful is because I know I am my most valuable asset.

I know, every single time I invest in my own learning and growth, I will be able to translate that into even more growth and progress for my business. It’s like putting $10 into a slot machine and having $10,000 come out.

I talk to floral designers around the world who are struggling to make money. One of the most common discussions we have is what their plan for growth is. Like, quite literally, where are you investing your money (in your business and in yourself) to ensure your success?

Flowers are so easy to fall in love with. And the craft and skill of becoming a professional floral designer take hours and hours and hours of practice.

And then, when you make the decision to start a business, you feel like you have to learn all the skills as fast as possible. It’s like being thrown into the deep end of the pool and just told to “swim harder”.

So many florists I talk to are totally heartbroken and frustrated with their businesses. They’re questioning whether they really have what it takes to make this work. We fall into the comparison trap and find ourselves spinning our wheels, wondering if we should just call it quits.

That’s precisely what happened to me. 

But I knew there had to be a better way. I could not be the only floral designer struggling to make this business work. It wasn’t possible.

If you’re frustrated with your business you’re not alone. I promise you’re not.

Better yet, there is an easier way. 

Need Help With Your Flower Business?

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