How Do You Price A Bouquet?

Do The Math

One of the most surprising things about being a floral designer is how much time we spend doing math. But it’s with good reason.

Every single stem we purchase from a wholesaler or grower needs to be accounted for. Every bouquet we make a customer or bride needs to be calculated based on an equation.

Pricing is one of the fundamental tenets of building a successful and profitable floral design business.  But it’s one of the areas I used to struggle with the most.

I’ve come to realise, one of the greatest challenges we face as floral designers + business owners is that pricing is not something that is talked about openly in our industry.

I remember early on in my business trying to Google whatever I could find when it comes to “how to price a flower bouquet”.

It’s a giant black hole of information. No one wants to share their approach. It all needs to be kept a giant secret. Which leads us to a tremendous amount of self-doubt.

There is so little discussion and awareness around pricing in our industry so then, even if we are formally qualified like I am, we still walk around with a lot of hesitation and uncertainty about pricing.

For years I felt as though I was constantly bombarded with low-price customers. I could feel the murmurs from passers-by telling their friends how expensive our flowers are whenever they walked by our shop.

I regularly heard from brides who would say “We found someone cheaper”.

Now I know this experience is familiar to florists around the world. It wasn’t just me.

I’m here to help.

How Do You Price A Bouquet?

When I first started out as a designer, I was filled with so much doubt around pricing.

I even have physical proof to share with the world – a wedding brochure that gave clients the option of buying a bridal bouquet, 2 x bridesmaids, 5 x buttonholes, 2 x corsages and a small box of rose petals for the rock bottom price of $450.

Thank goodness my customers saw right through my sales pitch and never took us upon it.

Literally. Not a single customer said yes to paying $450 for all this amazingness...they all said ‘no’ to the deal of the century.

I’m so glad they did.

Because it showed me that being the lowest cost option is not how you build a successful business. 

Fast forward five years and today, I would easily charge $1200 + delivery for this particular combination of deliverables. 

Oh how far I’ve come in my pricing mindset.

I want to save you from the same struggle.

That’s why, on this week’s episode of the Thrive Podcast #ForFlorists, I’m passing along my super simple approach to Pricing Like a Flower Boss.

Scroll down to the bottom to check it out.

Follow The Formula

How do you price a bouquet? Here are the industry standard formulas to follow:

Everyday Flowers: Wholesale x 3 + time

Weddings + Events: Wholesale x 3.5-4 + 30-50% 

When I teach floral designers about pricing, I keep it real simple and offer an alternative equation:

Everyday Flowers: Wholesale x 4

Weddings + Events: Wholesale x 5-6 (or more) 

I use these super simple formulas to help keep the process of planning simple and easier to scale our business. And no, it’s not perfect but it gets you in a pretty good spot with a lot less effort.

Need Help: How To Price A Bouquet?

I teach floral designers how to price with confidence inside my Flower Boss Bootcamp. It’s the only program available to floral designers focused entirely on the business of flowers.

Yes, we talk about pricing. We talk about feeling confident with your pricing and how to effortlessly attract better clients. 

Learning how to show up as the badass flower boss you’ve been dreaming of is entirely possible.  It’s not about having a shop front, more qualifications or gettin’ famous on the ‘Gram. 

It’s all about learning how to manage your mindset and market your business to effortlessly attract better clients. 

I give you my exact approach to marketing inside my Flower Boss Bootcamp. We dig into getting crystal clear on your vision of success and you’ll be surrounded by floral designers who are navigating similar challenges to you.

Click here to learn more. 

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