Lessons Learned from a Family Wedding

A few weeks ago I helped a friend with her sister's wedding. A fabulous time was had by all but I thought it would be helpful to you if I pulled together 6 lessons I learned from that experience.

Whether your doing flowers for a friend or family member, these lessons will apply to every flower fairy doin' wedding and event design.

6 Lessons learned:

  1. Doing flowers for your family / friends is the BEST way to educate them on what you do
  2. Your stress level is going to be high on the day...because you want them to like what you make
  3. Hire a freelancer to help you prep and have them coordinating everything on the day
  4. Make a plan to get as much done ahead of time as physically possible
  5. Set your priorities and clearly communicate to your support staff what is most important to you
  6. Do a site visit of the venue to know how far away the reception space is from the ceremony area, where you can park the van and how far away you're gunna be gettin' ready

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Have a beautiful day flower fairies.




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