How to craft your About Me page on your flower business website

Peoples – back on to one of my most fav topics....WEBSITES

This week, I'm talking to you about the ins and outs of creating a compelling About Me page on your website.

Don't have an About Me page on your website yet? Yeah, well I didn't have one for the longest time either but trust me when I tell you, it's an absolute must.

In today's podcast episode I'm sharing with you my favourite go-to tips for crafting a beautiful About Me page.

Wanna hear something shocking?

You're About Me page doesn't need to include a single mention of flowers, floral design or talk at all about your design history.


In fact, I would encourage you to tell a more personal, fun and interesting story.

In today's episode I'm talking you through all of it and giving you a few tips for taking selfies and capturing a beautiful portrait for you to post as well.

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