Defining Your Own Version of Success

In today's episode I talk through the idea of defining your own version of success FOR YOURSELF.

Setting yourself to be the version of you and sorting through what you want to do with your time, energy and your money.

And the best bit – you can change you mind any time you like. Your definition of success will likely look very different today than it would 5 or even 10 years from now.

Today, I talk you through my simple exercises to help you get in touch with your own version of success, to help you articulate what success means to you, today.

And a few other notes / links I mention in this week's episode:

1. Tim Ferriss – Four Hour Workweek Book

2. Tim Ferriss – Dreamlining Exercise

2. Danielle LaPorte – Fire Starter Sessions

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Have a beautiful week my peoples!




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