How to create a floral and foliage installation

In this week's episode I talk you through all the things in terms of creating ceiling installations – what to think about and consider at your site visit, possibilities for different mechanics and how many people it takes to make these beauties happen!

When we first started this business I was so intimidated by installations. I hope this episode arms you with the confidence on how to approach them and all the things you need to think about.

And don't be shy about sharing these considerations with your clients as well. Foliage and floral installations are a costly endevour for your clients and the more you can educate them on your process, the more beneficial that will be to your relationship.

As always, if you have questions or idea for show topics, I would love to hear from you – follow me on Instagram @littlebirdbloom, send me a DM 

Have a beautiful day peoples and talk to you soon,




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