Flower Boss Bootcamp

Your step-by-step roadmap to turning your passion into profit so you can be successful!

This is for passionate florists who want to increase their income, attract dream clients and get paid to create the work you love.

You're ready to say goodbye to feeling stuck and spinning your wheels.

I see you. You're motivated and driven. And you're ready to get transform your business into a profitable, empowering endeavour. If you let me, I can help you achieve all of these and more, because I’ve been exactly where you are right now. It took me years and lots of trial and error to crack the code. Now, I'm here to share these epic insights with you!

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up every day:

Excited and fulfilled because you know you're making money doing the work you love.

You've cracked the marketing code and have crystal-clear strategies to make your customers say, "I trust you. Just work your magic.”

Selling your dream designs feels easy! You're confident in your approach so you effortlessly close the sale and get paid what you're worth.

You experience the joy of walking into wholesalers, picking out any flower your heart desires, and knowing your hard work has finally paid off.

But right now, that's not happening.

You are not alone.


You find yourself struggling to attract high-paying clients and expand your floral business, despite your talent and dedication.


The overwhelming complexities of marketing leave you feeling lost and unsure what to do, hindering your ability to promote your business.


You're finding it hard to showcase your unique brand and designs in a crowded market, feeling like your voice isn't being heard amidst the noise.


Confidence wavers as you struggle to sell your services at a premium and close deals with clients, despite knowing the value of your work.

A Love Note From Kathleen

Hello Flower Boss,

I know what it feels like to wake up every day and just wish that today was *THE* day those dream clients would come calling! That your customers would finally show up with a decent budget and you'd have the creative freedom you want to design the work you know looks good. But right now, it's not happening.

I was stuck in this cycle for 3 years, feeling the pressure to say yes to everything that came my way and wondering if I really had what it took to make my business work.

You feel like you can't help but compare yourself to others on Instagram and that little voice in your head is asking "What is it that I'm missing?" 

The answer: the right blueprint. All you need is a proven formula for feeling empowered in your business, creating the work you've always wanted to create and getting paid to make it happen.

That's precisely why I've created this program. So you can get the support you need to make money and have your clients say those magic words "I trust you. Just create something lovely."

You're In Exactly the Right Place

You're here because you're ready to step up. You know you have what it takes to make this work and you're excited to take your business to the next level.

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Ambitious & Driven

You thrive in an environment where ambition fuels action, and your determination to succeed is the driving force behind every decision.

Passionate Creative

You want to embrace creativity as a way of life, channeling your passion into every design and finding joy in running your business.

Craving Growth

You're on a mission to turn your passion into profit and want to learn the secrets to making it happen faster. Marketing, money, mindset – you want it all!

Ready for Results

You're tired of trying to figure it all out on your own and want to learn how to get paid to create the kind of work you want to create in your business.


Flower Boss Bootcamp

Learn how to attract dream clients effortlessly! Gain total clarity in your marketing and watch them come knocking at your door.

Plus, you'll gain the skills you need to sell your dream designs with confidence! And, our proven strategies make it easy, so you can finally experience the joy of walking into wholesalers, picking any flower your heart desires, knowing you have the budget to create stunning arrangements that pay the bills.

This is the place to build your dream business with next-level support! Take inspired action and get paid to do what you love.

Unlock the Secrets to Making Money Doing the Work You Love

Equip Yourself with the Skills You Need to Become a Flower Boss

Grow Your Business

Cultivate a mindset that attracts financial abundance and empowers you to achieve your income goals.

Attract Better Customers

Build a captivating brand that draws in your ideal clients and quickly sets you apart from the competition.

Achieve More Clarity

Develop a targeted marketing strategy that connects you with your ideal clients and drives sustainable business growth.

Feel More Confident

Master the art of selling your designs confidently and effortlessly turning inquiries into paying customers.

What Kathleen's Student Have to Say

You're in exactly the right place if you're a passionate, motivated florist ready to take control of your success and get paid to do the work you love.

This community is so special and truly transformative. Egos are not involved, and everyone is just here trying to help each other succeed! You've created something that is unique and 200% beneficial to everyone that joins in on the learning.


Seeds & Stems

I decided to raise all my prices by $5 and I've already made my money back from this program!


To Be Flower Farm

Without a doubt, I've gotten my return on this investment multiple times over. The value is there and I'm just happy, happy to be a part of it and happy that I found you. Every day I feel so grateful for this work.


Trestle & Stem

Your Blueprint for Success

Flower Boss Bootcamp provides you with a clear, step-by-step roadmap to turning your passion into profit so you can be successful!

Bootcamp Blueprint new

Flower Boss Strategy

Know exactly where to focus your efforts to get customers and create consistent sales so you can experience more peace of mind, confidence + growth!

Flower Boss Messaging

Learn how to set yourself up for success, sell with ease + confidence so you can be asked to create your dream designs!

Flower Boss Brand & Vibe

Stand out from the crowd and become a magnet for the good clients who value your work and will pay a premium.

Flower Boss Mindset

Show up with confidence, price for profitability and make progress quickly so you can fast track your progress!

How Is This Program Set Up?

This is the last time Kathleen will be running this program live, so if you want to get her eyes on your business, now is the time!


Step-By-Step Curriculum

Broken down into easy-to-follow modules, you get access to everything you need to learn how to confidently sell your dream designs, attract dream clients and make more money.


Lifetime Access to Course Content

Gain access to all course materials and session recordings, ensuring you can revisit the content at your own pace and convenience.

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Weekly Live Sessions With Kathleen

Join Kathleen for live teaching sessions and Q&A each week, guiding you through the course material and answering your questions in real-time.

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Supportive Community

Grow your flower family and know that you're never alone on your journey. This is the place to be if you're an ambitious, motivated florist who wants to build your dream business.

What Will You Learn Inside the Bootcamp?

Let’s get you in the driver’s seat of your success so you can make more money doing the work you love!

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Flower Boss Strategy

Key Topics Covered Include:

  1. The Right Game to Play
  2. Getting Noticed By The Good Customers
  3. Your 'Always-On' Marketing Plan
  4. How to Use Social Media To Grow
  5. Measuring Your Progress
section course graphics 2

Flower Boss Messaging

Key Topics Covered Include:

  1. Your 24/7 Sales Strategy
  2. The Only Systems You Need
  3. Easy Peasy Implementation & Shortcuts
  4. Using AI to Bust Through the Overwhelm
  5. How to Show Up Confidently
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Flower Boss Brand & Vibe

Key Topics Covered Include:

  1. Elevating Your Vibe
  2. Branding Simplified
  3. Making Your Brand Feel Authentic
  4. Implemention with Ease
  5. Fast Track Your Progress
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Flower Boss Mindset

Key Topics Covered Include:

  1. Crafting a New Money Story
  2. Overcoming Failure
  3. Your Compelling Why
  4. Success Simplified
  5. Profitability Made Easy

Is Flower Boss Bootcamp right for you?

This Course Is For You If You Want:

✔️ You're a passionate florist eager to step-up your business and make more money doing what you love.

✔️ You're ready to invest time and effort into learning and implementing proven strategies to grow your business.

✔️ You value mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals in the industry.

✔️ You're open to new ideas and willing to step out of your comfort zone to achieve success.

✔️ You thrive in a supportive community environment and enjoy collaborating with like-minded individuals.

This Course Is Not For You If:

❌ You're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme without putting in much work and effort.

❌ You're not willing to invest in yourself or your business to achieve long-term growth and success.

❌ You don't care about making more money and being more profitable in your florist business.

❌ You're resistant to change and unwilling to try new strategies or approaches.

❌ You're not committed to taking action and implementing the lessons learned from the course into your business strategy.

⭐️ Free Bonuses ⭐️

$10,000 Value

Enroll today and get exclusive access to these extra goodies.

Pricing With

Get exclusive access to Kathleen's proven blueprint so you can stop second-guessing, elevate your pricing, and increase your profitability.

Winning Website

Take the guesswork out of what content to post on your website and learn how to create a website that does your marketing for you!


Learn how to leverage organic search so you can increase your Google ratings and get found by the right customers – for free!

Copy & Paste
Sales Templates

Take the guesswork out of what to say and how to sell your dream designs with Kathleen's go-to scripts and templates.

Signature Floral

Get exclusive access to Kathleen's favourite designs, including stem counts and design tips.

Ultimate Instagram

So you can optimise your profile, level up your feed and learn how to stand out from the crowd.

Your Enrolment Bonus Includes:

Template Library

You'll get access to Kathleen's favourite shortcuts so you don't have to stare at a blank page and you can implement fast!

Website Review

Get a personalise review of your website so you know exactly where to focus your efforts to attract your dream clients.

2 x Live Q&As

Kathleen's hosting 2 bonus Q&As during this round so you can get answers to your most burning questions.

Save $2000

Secure your spot today and you'll get exclusive access to the Early Bird discounted rate – it's a 40% savings!

The crazy part is...

Hiring a team to help you make this happen will cost you between $20,000–$60,000. And there's no guarantee they understand the right strategies to follow as a florist.

I’m about to give this to you for a "omg did she forget a zero at the end?" kind of investment...

❌Total value❌

Flower Boss Bootcamp

3 x $1100

US Dollars

Take advantage of the extended payment plan and let's get you in the driver's seat of your success!

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Rather in pay in full + save?

We've gotcha covered. Pay USD $2997 and you'll save 10% on your enrollment. Click here to pay in full today.

Hear From Our Past Graduates

I've purchased little bits of other people's programs and yeah, they have good information, but Kathleen's course goes way above and beyond!

Nancee, Blooming Occasions

This has been the best investment I've ever made in my business bar none, absolutely. And the return on investment is huge.

Brenda, Tandem Flower Studio

I'm so grateful and I would give Kathleen all the money I have to continue learning from her. It's revolutionary and life-changing.

Lynda, Five Daughter's Design

It makes me feel really safe and secure knowing that I have this community of people to be honest and to be open, and we're all struggling to run our businesses and everyone on here is just like me. It's just amazing, it's so comforting. Thank you!

Lisa, Huldra Floral

What surprised me most, how open everyone inside this space. There are no secrets and I feel so supported in my journey.

Kate, Daisy Lane Flowers

I love how easy it is to access. For me, I'm accessing it maybe at strange times and it doesn't matter. It just...There it is, go ahead, do what you wanna.

Hannah, The Brighton Florist

Your Questions Answered

So you can make the best decision for your business

The Flower Boss Bootcamp runs for 12 weeks. You'll have lifetime access to all materials and call replays.
No worries! All live sessions are recorded and will be available for you to access at any time.
This program is designed for ambitious, motivated florists who want to elevate their business, make more money, and achieve their dreams.
You’ll receive live mentorship from Kathleen, weekly Q&A sessions, and access to a supportive community of like-minded florists.
If you follow Kathleen's roadmap, you'll gain more clarity + confidence within the first week. By the end of the program, you'll be crystal clear on what to focus on to make money and how to grow your business.
This program is best suited for florists who have been in business a while and are ready to step up and grow.

Are there any additional costs or materials required for the course?

No additional costs or materials are required. Everything you need to succeed in the Flower Boss Bootcamp is included with your enrolment.

What time are the live sessions?

All live sessions are held on Mondays at 1pm California time. There are a total of 10 sessions running between Monday July 1 – Monday September 16. If you cannot join live, that's OK. There will be opportunity to pre-submit questions plus you get lifetime access to all course materials + video replays.