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Say Goodbye to
Under-Pricing Forever

A proven blueprint to conquer second-guessing, elevate your pricing, and increase your profits.

This is for passionate florists who are ready to break the habit of under-charging, price with confidence and grow your business!

Say Goodbye to the Stress of Second-Guessing Your Prices. Forever.

Even though I was taught the right formulas to follow for pricing my designs, I felt like such an imposter and a fraud. I was afraid I’d come across as greedy and all my customers would run away if I raised my prices. For years, self-doubt kept me stuck in a cycle of underpricing and frustration.

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up tomorrow:

Knowing you've left under-charging behind you. Forever transforming your business and life by confidently charging what you’re worth.

Effortlessly setting prices that reflect the true value of your designs, without second-guessing or fear.

Attracting clients who respect and appreciate your artistry, happily paying your premium prices.

Watching your profits soar and your business thrive, free from the stress and frustration of underpricing.

Step-by-Step Approach

Dive in today and get immediate access to all course materials + resources. Kathleen walks you through her super simple approach for pricing as well as easy mindset shifts to fill you with confidence!

Set the Foundation

Gain confidence in your pricing with simple, proven formulas that eliminate guesswork and ensure profitability.

Streamline Your Process

Learn Kathleen’s shortcuts to quickly and accurately quote prices, saving you time and reducing stress.

Confident Implementation

Apply step-by-step strategies, empowering you to charge premium prices and attract high-value clients.

Unlock the Key to Confident, Profitable Pricing

Equip Yourself with the Skills to Price with Confidence

Practical Pricing Formulas

Equips you with simple, effective pricing formulas, ensuring you confidently set prices that reflect the true value of your floral designs.

Time-Saving Strategies

Provides expert shortcuts and step-by-step tutorials, streamlining your pricing process and freeing up valuable time to focus on growing your business.

Proven Profit-Boosting Techniques

Offers proven strategies to increase profitability and attract high-value clients, empowering you to elevate your business and achieve financial success in the floral industry.

Comprehensive Resource Toolkit

Includes downloadable worksheets, price lists, and step-by-step guides to support your learning and implementation, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

You're In Exactly the Right Place

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Ambitious and Growth-Oriented

You are ambitious and eager to grow your floral business, always seeking opportunities to enhance your skills and increase profitability.

Passionate about Floral Design

You are deeply passionate about floral design, and you're committed to delivering high-quality work to your clients.

Open to Learning

You have a growth mindset and are open to learning new pricing strategies and techniques to improve your business practices.

Ready to Take Action

You are proactive and ready to take action to implement the lessons learned from the course, driving positive changes in your pricing approach and business outcomes.

Which of these best describes your experience?

You are not alone.


You’re constantly second-guessing your pricing decisions, unsure if you're charging too much or too little for your floral designs.


You find yourself spending hours agonising over pricing calculations, only to end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the process.


You’re tired of undercharging for your work, knowing deep down that your work deserves to be valued at a higher price point.


You’re hesitant to raise your prices out of fear that your customers might think you're being greedy, ultimately sacrificing your own profitability in the process.


Pricing with Confidence

Master simple pricing strategies that ensure profitability, streamline your quoting process and eliminate pricing stress.

Dive into this online course today and you get immediate access to a proven blueprint for pricing your work, showing up with confidence and breaking through imposter syndrome once and for all!

We've broken it down into 4 easy-to-follow modules and provided all the tools + templates you need to get your pricing sorted today! 

A Note From Kathleen

When I did my formal floristry training, I was taught the right formulas to use to price my work. But nobody warned me of the 'Everything is different when you try to apply this in your own business.'..especially when you're new and struggle with imposter syndrome.

For 3 years, I under-priced my work and struggled to make my business thrive. I was afraid of what my customers would think if I raised my prices and I was so scared of the judgement and criticism.

The day I finally found the courage to raise my prices, everything changed for me. I started to see the cash growing in my bank account and I began to see what was possible for me and my business.

The truth is, the math isn't the problem. The formulas I use are easy enough that your seven-year-old nephew can do it for you. The real challenge was my mindset, my perspective on my prices and mustering up the courage to make it happen.

I want you to experience the freedom and joy of being a florist that thrives. That's exactly why I created Pricing with Confidence.

What You'll Learn Inside Pricing With Confidence

Dive in today and learn my proven formulas so you can price with confidence.

Easy Math

Mastering Pricing Formulas

Learn simple yet effective pricing formulas that eliminate guesswork and ensure profitability. Gain confidence in setting prices that accurately reflect the value of your floral designs.

Save Time

Streamlining the Quoting Process

You'll discover expert shortcuts and strategies to streamline their quoting process, saving time and reducing stress. You'll also learn how to quickly and accurately calculate prices for different projects, from weddings to floral subscriptions.

Complete Confidence

Confidently Charging What Your Worth

By the end of the course, you'll feel empowered to confidently charge what you're worth. You'll overcome self-doubt and hesitation, so you can start attracting high-value clients who respect and pay for your expertise.

Is this course right for you?

This Course Is For You If You Want:

✔️ Simplified pricing for your floral business

✔️ More confidence in pricing decisions

✔️ To save time with a streamlined quoting process

✔️ Empowered to charge premium prices

✔️ Step-by-step strategies for florists at any experience level

This Course Is Not For You If:

❌ You're not interested in improving your pricing strategy

❌ You're unwilling to invest time in learning new techniques

❌ You're satisfied with your current methods and profits

❌ You're looking for complicated formulas and spreadsheets

❌ You prefer to stay where you’re at in your business

What's Included in Pricing With Confidence?

This course includes everything you need to get your pricing sorted today and it's broken down into 4 easy-to-follow video modules.

module 1

1 – A New Perspective

Your mindset is everything when it comes to pricing and feeling confident. Kathleen dives right in and shares her secrets.

module 2

2 – The Right Math

You'll learn the right formulas to follow and how to charge for the extras so you can be profitable.

module 3

3 – Take Action

Next, you'll get to work and get your pricing for your business straight away. No more giving under-charging baby!

module 4

4 – Evaluate & Adjust

You'll learn how to track your progress and overcome the common hurdles florists face when it comes to raising their prices.

Here's a Few More Highlights for You

Wholesale Price List

So you know exactly what prices to use when you're sorting out your mark-ups and retail prices.

Proven Shortcuts

If fancy formulas aren't your thing, we've gotcha covered! Kathleen shares her shortcuts to save you time.

Quoting Tutorial

Learn how to confidently quote a design from a reference photo and make sure you're allocating enough for flowers + labour.

Exclusive Discount

If you want to invest in stem counting software, you get exclusive access to a discounted rate with our favourite provider.

Real World Examples

Kathleen shares her experience and struggles so you know you're not alone in your experience.

Easy Implementation

We've set this course up so you can binge the content in less than hour and get your pricing updated today!

This Course Is Valued at More Than $2500

But I Want to Make Sure Every Florist Has Access to These Strategies So They Can Make Money Doing What They Love

Pricing With Confidence


US Dollars

A proven blueprint to conquer second-guessing, elevate your pricing, and increase your profits.

Pricing with Confidence (2)

What Our Student Have to Say

Whether you're just getting started or an industry veteran, this course provides you with the tools you need to price with confidence.

OMG I'm so glad I invested in this course. Kathleen's approach to pricing set me up for profitability from Day 1 and now, a few years in, I'm so excited to be this far ahead!


White Fox Floral

You've single handedly helped me bust through imposter syndrome and all the self doubt that comes with pricing your work. I'm beyond grateful!


Plush & Bloom Florals

Kathleen's shortcuts changed the game for how my team and I price the florals in our shop. It's so easy and so simple that our trainees even know exactly what to do now!


Salmon & Co

Your Questions Answered

So You Can Make the Best Decision for Your Business

This course provides you with everything you need to price with confidence, including the right formulas to follow, how to charge for labor, hire items, and delivery. We’ve included a wholesale flower price list as well as loads of examples for easy understanding.
Picture it as a series of four video chapters. Each part is straightforward, taking you through the learning process step by step. Along with a Welcome Video, there are four video modules. The total run time of the teaching is less than 1 hour. Plus, we’ve provided a step-by-step PDF so you can follow along and take notes. There are also heaps of worksheets, a wholesale flower pricelist, and step-by-step strategies to help you combat price shoppers!
This course is custom-built for florists. Particularly florists who don’t want to spend time sorting through complicated formulas or have the energy to set up intricate spreadsheets. The math Kathleen teaches is simple enough your seven-year-old nephew can do it for you so you don’t have to worry about investing in expensive software either!
Yes! Kathleen teaches her exact approach to pricing for subscriptions, everyday flower deliveries, and funerals. So if weddings aren’t your thing and you focus more on daily flowers, this course will give you the tools you need to grow your profitability.
The minute you enroll you get access to all the video trainings, the worksheets, extra bonuses, and step-by-step strategies you need to build your profitability. Plus, you get lifetime access so you can jump back in as often as you like!
The formulas Kathleen teaches are totally customizable to your local area. That means whether you live in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, or the UK, you’ll know exactly how much to charge to make a healthy profit on your designs.

How long will it take me to get through the material?

The videos run for a total of 1 hour, and the formulas Kathleen shares are so simple you can dive right in today and update your prices this afternoon. No more wasting time on complicated equations or having to set up complicated spreadsheets!

I'm a brand-new florist, is this course suitable for me?

Absolutely! If you're just starting out and want to set yourself on the right path, this course is perfect for you. Kathleen's straightforward approach will help you establish a solid pricing foundation from the beginning of your floral business journey.